President: Mr Eric Wickham-Ruffle

Vice President: Mrs Margaret Bowes


Chairman & GCCF Delegate

Mr Ian Thomson
51 Salisbury, Calderwood, East Kilbride, G74 3QF

01355 903109


Vice Chairman

Ms Margaret Mather


Hon Secretary

Mrs Lesley Coyne


Hon Treasurer & Membership Secretary

Miss Lesley Simpson (reserve GCCF delegate)


Committee Members

Miss Elizabeth Allison (Trophy Secretary); Mrs Margaret Anderson (Trophy Secretary);
Miss Suzanne Griss; Mrs Wilma Linnen; Miss Ruth McMillan; Mrs Heather McRae; 
Mr Richard McRae (GCCF delegate); Ms Elisabeth Stark



We are always looking for new people to help with the business of our club - if you are interested please contact us:

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