7 January 2017

Our Pearl Anniversary show was held on Saturday 7 January 2017,  back-to-back with the Scottish Cat Club's 60th (Diamond) Championship show at the Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, O'Donnel Way, Motherwell, ML1 2TZ. 


You can download the schedule for reference here:



Judge changes were as follows
(sadly, Jenny Jones, Patsy Knight and Liz Machin were unable to join us):


385 (Aztec Kitten) – was Mrs N Johnson now Mrs V Anderson-Drew
443 (Brown Burmese Adult) – was Ms S Devereux now Mrs M Codd
1009 (Aztec Neuter) – was Mrs N Johnson now Mrs M Chapman-Beer
1328 (West of Scotland SLH club class) – was Mrs C Kaye now Mrs J Gillson


From Jenny Jones
474 (Oriental Grand Adult Female) to Mrs P Mansaray
536 (Siamese Grand Adult Female) to Ms S Devereux
570 (Lilac Point Neuter) to Ms S Devereux
1050 (Oriental Imperial Adult Male) to Mrs P Mansaray
1116 (Seal Point Adult) to Ms S Devereux
1142 (Siamese Imperial Neuter Male) to Mrs M Walkden
1144 (Siamese Grand Neuter Male) to Ms S Devereux
1157 (Tabby Point Neuter) to Ms S Devereux
1234 (Non-Breeders Oriental/Siamese Adult) to Mr J Harrison
1242 (Oriental/Siamese Non-Self Adult) to Ms P Bruno-Grieve
1246 (Senior SH Adult Female) to Dr P Collin
1279 (Oriental/Siamese Kitten) to Ms P Bruno-Grieve
1312 (Limit SH Neuter) to Mr P Cornish
1349 (Siamese Club Class) to Ms S Devereux
1361 (Oriental/Siamese Club Class) to Mrs P Mansaray
From Patsy Knight
130 (SLH Imperial Adult Female) to Mr J D Cohen
134 (AOV SLH Grand Adult Female) to Mr J Harrison
156 (Seal Point Birman Kitten) to Mrs J Gillson
179 (Birman Grand Neuter Male) to Mrs T Cole
708 (SLH Imperial Adult Male) to Mrs J Gillson
711 (Birman Grand Adult Female) to Mrs T Cole
722 (AOC Somali Adult) to Ms S Devereux
756 (SLH Imperial Neuter Male) to Mr J D Cohen
759 (Birman Grand Neuter Female) to Mrs J Gillson
768 (Usual Somali Neuter) to Mrs J Gillson
773 (Brown/Blue Tabby MC Neuter) to Mrs V Anderson-Drew
1202 (Radius Persian/SLH Kitten) Mrs I Bangs
1215 (AOV SLH Neuter) Mr E Merchant
1318 (Charity Class) Dr P Collin


From Liz Machin

to Dr P Collin:

207 (British Grand Adult Female)
286 (British Red Neuter)
238 (British Cinnamon & Fawn Self Adult)
1223 (Breeders British/Selkirk adult)

to Mrs P Beard-Smith:
276 (British Grand Neuter Male)
859 (British Black Neuter)
1268 (AC British/Selkirk Kitten)
1275 (AC British/Selkirk Kitten > 6 months)

to Mrs S Dalton-Hobbs:
785 (British Grand Adult Male)
283 (British Blue Neuter)
1343 (Club - AC British/Selkirk Kitten/Neuter)

to Mrs M Walkden:
224 (British Silver Tabby Adult)
815 (British Golden Tipped Adult)
1329 (Club - AC British/Selkirk Adult)

to Mr J Harrison:

252 (British Dominant Tortie & White kitten)
261 (British Black Silver Spotted Kitten)

to Mrs C Kaye:
868 (British Dilute Tortie Neuter)

to Mrs N Johnson:

1313 (AV SH Neuter Aristocrat)



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